SSRI Danger for Migraine and Depression Sufferers

Clueless Doctors fail to keep up with the latest science.

This particular blog article has been written up before on my blog where my book is being displayed and sold with autograph but since so few people understand how SSRIs work, what they do and why, I decided to copy paste the information.

The function of SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors), how they work and what they do.

Although the book mentions little about SSRIs (or medications in general), many migraine sufferers end up taking them for life without even knowing what they are. For my biggest surprise, many doctors (including Psychiatrists) have no clue what is actually inhibited and how. In this short paper I would like to call attention to what SSRIs do and why you need to avoid taking them.

In this picture you can see my little sketch of just two brain cells (neurons) communicating via neurotransmitters. One, the yellow on top, has an opening from…

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