Today I am inspired by my granddaughter who is now 21. Her name is Porscha and she is not only beautiful but a wonderful person. She is spending a month on a mission trip to Africa. She has a week left. The family didn’t want her to go but she said she had prayed about it and believed it was what the Lord wanted her to do. She has been missed. We will all be glad when she arrives home Friday. The time has gone by fast. I know it will be something she will always remember and she has inspired me to go ahead and do things without any fear. Maybe I will go on a mission trip. Not to Africa but somewhere closer to home.




Despite the rain, the team is hard at work in Wilderness Heights in George, South Africa!

“They’re making veggie pallet planters for each home in the township, cinder block benches for the township, cleaning out and organizing the storage shed at church, and helping make games for the kids play school here!” My grand is in the green shirt.




A SURPRISE update from Maputo!! They were able to catch a little signal and sent this in.
(Zambia is still out of range so won’t get an update until they return from the bush by the Zambezi river)
“They went house to house yesterday and invited people to a service and prayed for people, many people got healed . That night they had service and over 100 people accepted Christ! The great part is that this is all in partnership to a church in the village so there can be continued discipleship.”


The kids having fun at the beach. They have been teaching English to the people and sharing some of their skills. “Update from Durban: We had a great last day. We spent a lot of time with the kids and with our ministry hosts, we went to the beach, and ended it with some wonderful intercessory prayer time. We are now on the bus headed to George!”