My Daybook For June

simple-woman-daybook-large  Join us here to write your daybook.

Today is Sat June 4th, 2016

Looking out my window my window I see a cloudy, rainy June day.


I am thinking of last weekend. It was a Memorial Day weekend. I first attended my sister’s seventieth birthday party. Most of the family came to wish my sister a happy birthday.

Carolyn, Mama, Janice, Brenda and me.
Mama, my two daughters and the grands

After the party we went to the lake to spend the night. We had a wonderful time.

My grands Jaxson and Mason
That night we enjoyed the deck at the lake house. This my daughter Janice
While waiting for the  men to bring the barge we let the little ones swim. This is my daughter Gloria

While having tons of fun on the barge I noticed my daughter in law was about to kiss my son. What a wonderful moment.

I’m so thankful for my son and his wife
My husband and grandson
Jerry and Adi
Tierney and Matt are now engaged


Mason and Kerry’s dog really enjoyed the lake. He went swimming for the first time and loved it.
Mason and Kerry. We think they will get engaged this weekend.
Sage and Kota having fun together

I could not have asked for a better weekend. Everyone had a wonderful time and we all enjoyed being together. I’m thankful that I have lived long enough to enjoy seeing my greatgrands. I am so blessed to have three.

My great grands
I ask for prayers for the safety of the group of missionaries in Africa. My granddaughter will be there a month. Here is  where she is now.

I hope all of you had a great Memorial Day weekend. God bless you all.




Author: dtbrents

I'm a Christian, wife, mom, grandma and great grandma. I love to study the Bible. I enjoy being a keeper of the home.

2 thoughts on “My Daybook For June”

  1. I enjoy these blogs very much!!!!! You would make a good writer!!!! Have a good day!!!

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