Looking out my window I see a beautiful new day. It’s cloudy with a chance of rain today. A lazy day to cherish and enjoy as I squeeze out every ounce of living from it. I have a lot of cleaning to do. I have already read some from my book as I enjoyed my morning coffee.


I am thinking of the wonderful Memorial Day weekend we had at the lake. We all had so much fun with the family. We had a big breakfast and headed for the lake for sun and fun.


I am thankful for my granddaughter Porscha who is in Africa on a mission trip. I pray for her safety as she teaches the people there to speak English and tells them about Jesus.



One of my favorite things is my grands falling in love and getting married. My grandson Matt is engaged now. I know they will be very happy. They will also have beautiful children.


I am wearing a pale blue gown that keeps me warm on cool mornings. I’m being lazy and enjoying the quiet in my home while my husband sleeps.


I am creating creating a new body and mind for myself and my husband with diet, exercise and supplements. We started the high fat, moderate protein and low carb diet a couple of weeks ago and we are feeling much better. We started this diet when I decided to stop taking Metformin for type 2 diabetes and control my sugar levels with diet. I first went to the dr to have blood tests to see if it was safe and it was.

I am reading End Times Prophecy by John F. Walvoord. I have read most of it and enjoyed all of it. This book explains the Millennium better than any book I have read.


I am hoping to visit Mama today. Her neighbor of twelve years had a stroke and has only a couple of days to live. We are all sad and will miss her but we know she will be with the Lord soon.

In my kitchen is a few dirty dishes waiting to be cleaned before I start breakfast. I plan to cook sausage and eggs. It’s nearly time to put on a big pot of coffee. I plan to go out to eat for lunch with my daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughter. I’m debating with myself on whether to go off my diet for one meal. If I do I will have to take a Metformin and I really don’t want to.

My great grand Sunday playing at the lake




Here are some fun pictures from our weekend at the lake.








Author: dtbrents

I'm a Christian, wife, mom, grandma and great grandma. I love to study the Bible. I enjoy being a keeper of the home.

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