Grand Weekend 057I just turned 66 and I’m not happy about it. It’s just a number as you well know. To me it means more pain, less energy and not looking as healthy. I don’t really care about looking beautiful but I do care about looking healthy. A person can be beautiful but if they don’t look healthy it makes a big difference. My goal for the year 2014 is to live a healthier life style. I really haven’t figured out how to do this yet. My number one thing to do is give up sugar. I’m a diabetic so this seems right.

I had a wonderful Christmas with my children and grands. I wasn’t well enough to go to the big party at Darla’s. They had a great time. I hate I had to miss it. I’m in bed again today. I hope I will be up tomorrow. We have the two grand dogs staying with us. Two of the families are visiting Gatlinburg for a few days. That’s why the dogs are with us.