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How being bipolar looks for me today

It has been several months now since I was diagnosed as being bipolar. It has helped me a lot knowing what my problem is. I now think more before I speak. For the last month the migraines are constant. I feel frozen and unable to move. I spend a lot of time in bed. I study the Bible and pray for my family and others. I was stunned to find out that being hyper-religious was one of the symptom’s of bipolar. I’m trying hard to stay focused and not think about that one so much.

I went out to eat Tuesday night with two of my sisters. We went to the Olive Garden and then to see the live performance of Hello Dolly staring Sally Struthers.  She is fantastic. The show was wonderful. We had a great time. The songs in the show were not as good as the other musicals we have been to see but it was more of a play.

Yesterday Darla, Tess, Skyler and Dakota visited Jerry and me. We had a great time watching the great grands play. Tonight my granddaughter Sage is coming to spend two nights with us. I’m excited about seeing her. She’s five and loves to play so many things. She loves clothes and likes to dress herself. She’s very fashionable. I plan to see if Kota can come over and play with her. It’s so much fun to watch them play together.

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Grand Weekend 001

Adi and Jaxson are in the top picture putting on a show for us. Kota is the next picture. Here she is pretending to be a puppy.