Gardening Tales… Kathy

If there’s one thing Ed and I have learned this spring, it’s this–gardening/farming is HARD WORK!  It’s also NEVER ENDING WORK!  It’s no wonder that the current age of the average American farmer is sixty-two!  A person would have to be crazy to want to farm for a living!  Why would anyone want to toil in the sun and gnats from sun up till sun down, when they could be inside the bug-free environment of a building, only working from 9 to 5?!  My hat is off to the American farmer!  I will never take food for granted again.

Here are just a few of the latest “gardening tales” from our neck of the woods…

While we’ve been blessed with regular showers of rain over the past couple of weeks, the extra moisture in the ground has made the weeds go CRAZY!  Over the past few years, while our farm…

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