J T Weaver

It’s official, I am going to introduce an ordinance in Prince William County that no one beyond a certain age and of questionable heart activity shall be allowed on their front porch after 11:30 pm.  Yes, that’s right, I did it again.

Thursday night at 11:45, I was again out on my porch.  Because of my recent adventures, I now turn on the light first, as if that offers me some protection.  Right away, I heard this: http://www.owlpages.com/sounds/Bubo-virginianus-1.mp3

I thought, ‘oh isn’t that nice we have an owl pair close by.’  They are usually 300-500 yards away in the woods, but tonight they were in one of our trees.  This was a pair of Great Horned Owls.  Now I know what your thinking, you want to know why I haven’t named them since I have a tendency to name all the members of our little game preserve.  In addition, yes…

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