July Sick Days 2013 (You Can Still Have Fun When You Are Sick)

Jaxson's Candid Shots 120

Jaxson and Adi are entertaining us. I recorded it but I’m laughing so hard you can’t hear the two of them.


As most can tell by this recent photo I have had a bad week. One side of my face draws. I had a drs appointment today but had to make it for next week. I didn’t have the strength to get dressed. My Mama had surgery on her foot three weeks ago and I have been helping her some. I got overwhelmed at having no down time so I will have to be in bed resting for several days. I would love to find a new dr even though my is very smart. He has a harsh bedside manner and makes me nervous.

My grands Adi and Jaxson stayed last night and today with me. I enjoyed them very much. They made brownies last night and Adi cooked lunch for everyone today. She’s nine.  She put on her cute little apron and made out a menu of the food. She fried okra, baked beans and mashed potatoes. She served brownies for lunch.

This is Adi and Jaxson. Jaxson slipped around and got some candid shots of me. They are really funny. Here they are. It shows what I wear when I’m sick. I wash the clothes daily and put them back on because they don’t hurt my skin but I feel sorry for my husband having to look at me.

Jaxson's Candid Shots 170

I only look fat here. Well I do need to lose about 20lbs.


Jaxson's Candid Shots 162


Jaxson's Candid Shots 171

As you can tell we are in the middle of remodeling.

I saved the worst for last.

Jaxson's Candid Shots 174


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