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Hello dear friends of tea!

Oolong tea. Our milk oolong is smooth, creamy and known to boost metabolism.  As we bloom into the wonderful, complex, vivacious season of Spring, we are called to reflect on the similarities of the tea leaf to the nature of such a wonderful season.

With many of our teas, one can witness what Western tradition calls the “agony of the leaves”. The term is defined as “the twisting or writhing of rolled or twisted tealeaves as they unfurl during steeping. This especially applies to rolled oolong teas, which expand drastically as they infuse” [coffeetea.about.com].  While sipping my cup of Jasmine Pearls the other day, I was captivated by watching the intricate balls unfurl as they infused the water with their precious flavour. As we watch the trees slowly bud and the awakening of a season, we can appreciate the small every day beauty life shows us, from a tea leaf to a flower blossom.

The past couple of months have brought a…

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