Edited by Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

posted by dtbrents

Most of us, including many doctors, think that viruses themselves make us sick.

And in some cases that’s true. But in most cases,what actually makes us sick is our

immune reaction to the virus.

When a virus invades your body, the immune system launches a massive but highly

coordinated immune defense that involves a complicated set of chemicals (cytokines,

chemokines, and interferons), immune cells, antibodies, and special proteins.


The immune system has a built-in mechanism to shut down the immune attack once the

virus or bacterial invaders are killed off. One of the problems with vaccination is that it activates

the immune system and will not allow it  to shut down, even years later. This means that a lot

of bystander damage is being done throughout the body and in the brain. Low-grade brain

inflammation caused by viruses explains why we feel so bad when we are infected, and

experience symptoms such as:




Difficulty thinking

This is called sickness behavior. With vaccines, it can continue for years, leading to such

neurological problems as depression, seizures, narcolepsy, and multiple sclerosis.

Neurological damage is especially common with viral infections, and can vary from subtle

problems with memory to major neurological disorders, including dementia and Lou Gehrig’s

disease (ALS). In fact, this is how AIDS causes dementia — itactivates the brain’s immune cells

(microglia) andthese generate a host of destructive free radicals, lipid peroxidation products,

pro-inflammatory cytokines, and other immune factors These destructive immune chemicals slowly

destroy the brain cells needed for memory and learning. The worst case scenario would be to stimulate

the immune system with a vaccine when the brain is already infected, or if a person has a pre-existing

neurological disorder. Studies have shown that under such conditions, the vaccine can dramatically worsen

bystander damage, which can continue for years if not a lifetime.


For example, if a person had a small, silent stroke (that is, they are unaware of it, which is very common),

and then were given a series of vaccines, it would cause the immune cells around the stroke area to become fully

activated and precipitate a worsening of the condition. This could cause weakness in the limbs or interfere with speech.

In fact, the vaccine is worse than an infection, because the vaccine will cause immune cell activation in the brain for a much

longer time.