This last month has been the hardest in my life. I had four children, all natural birth and none of that even compares to this last month. It’s as though all the things that are wrong with me all flared at one time. My husband left for my daughter’s house this afternoon to begin what was to be Spring break in Chicago. My daughter and granddaughter were going to visit another granddaughter there. I was too sick to go. At the last minute I started packing my things in hope of a miracle. My husband didn’t like the idea at all. Bed rest for me and Chicago for him. He brought supper to me and made sure I have everything I need until he gets back in a week. He wanted me to go to Mama’s but I really didn’t want to right now. I have plenty of family here if I need anything.

It’s about two am and I’m still awake and for some reason can’t find my meds container. I’m getting a migraine because it’s been a while since I last took my meds. I have one pain pill. This is what happens when you have Fibro Fog.

Symptoms of brain fog can range from mild to severe. They frequently vary from day to day, and not everyone has all of them. Symptoms include:Word use & recall: Difficulty recalling known words, use of incorrect words, slow recall of names.

Short-term memory problems: Forgetfulness, inability to remember what’s read or heard.

Directional disorientation: Not recognizing familiar surroundings, easily becoming lost, having trouble recalling where things are.

Multitasking difficulties: Inability to pay attention to more than one thing, forgetfulness of original task when distracted.

Confusion & trouble concentrating Trouble processing information, easily distracted.

I watched a movie that was so stupid I have no idea why I watched it. I gave it one star because there wasn’t a zero. I was called Cougar Hunting. I’m reading a good book called A bend in the Road by Nicholas Sparks. I had to look to see who wrote it. I don’t like being alone in the house. I will be glad when tomorrow comes. Sat is one of my grands 17th birthday. 

Happy birthday Porscha. In the middle picture she is with her sister Adi. I will now continue another search of the house for my meds. The last I remember seeing them is when Dakota visited us. She came about mid afternoon for a little while. She’s three and she’s wonderful. She can already cut with scissors without help.